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The Fourth is busy in Anacortes

The Fourth is busy in Anacortes

A day full of activities is slated for the Fourth, including a late night fireworks display over Fidalgo Bay.

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Gluten-free? Lactose-free? Sugar-free? Just Listen to Your Body…And to Logic

Gluten-free?  Lactose-free? Sugar-free?  Just Listen to Your Body…And to Logic

As I have mentioned in previous articles, the media perpetuates misinformation regarding “healthy” eating.  Unfortunately, whatever the “buzz” is, is what the masses blindly follow.

Medicap Pharmacy and pharmacist suspended

The credentials of a pharmacist in Anacortes and his pharmacy have been suspended for multiple violations that put patients at risk for serious harm.

The action by the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission and the state Department of Health means pharmacist John M. Thompson and his Fidalgo Pharmacy Services, Inc., also known as Medicap Pharmacy, cannot practice until the charges are resolved.

Fidalgo Pharmacy Services, Inc. got unsatisfactory inspection ratings and violated multiple rules and regulations, according to charging documents. Thompson is the responsible pharmacy manager and owner.

Pharmacy inspectors allegedly found outdated stock, incomplete logs of compounded drugs, incorrect prescription expiration dates, non-sterile conditions in the compounding area, and substandard refrigeration.

The inspection noted several infection control and sanitation problems. Thompson is also charged with improperly accepting controlled substances from nursing home facilities and with removing expired medications from the pharmacy to hide them from pharmacy inspectors and returning the medications to the pharmacy stock after inspectors left.

Thompson and the pharmacy have 20 days to respond to the allegations.

The Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission regulates pharmacists in Washington. The Commission establishes, monitors, and enforces qualifications for licensing, consistent standards of practice, continuing competency mechanisms and discipline. Rules, policies and procedures promote the delivery of quality health care to state residents.

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