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Tommy Thompson locomotive on the move

Tommy Thompson locomotive on the move

The Tommy Thompson Train locomotive ran along a short track on Monday for the first time in many years, thanks to a few dedicated volunteers and a consultant imported for the occasion from Montreal.

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Becoming a Beach Again

Becoming a Beach Again

The wall of rocks is gone. A beach will now emerge. This is a momentous month for the park, to see our Bowman Bay become a bay with a fully functioning beach again. 


Demolition is under way Monday morning on the old Packard House, built in 1929 at 101 Fifth St, in the Cap Sante neighborhood. A 2005 survey of historic homes in Cap Sante done for the state Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, called this home, "One of the city's most significant properties."

The home's first occupant was Charles Q. Adams, the great-grandson of President John Q. Adams. Charles Adams died the day he and his wife moved into the home. Lyle and Doris Packard, both now deceased, lived in the home from 1948 until 1999.

The prime view lot was subdivided for the construction of other homes, leading to some community opposition. Brent Morrison, an Anacortes High School alum and 2002 Dartmouth grad, led an effort to look for other options than demolition.

One neighbor opined, "While some might wish that it could have been possible to save this historic house, unfortunately the previous owners allowed it to deteriorate so far that it was a health and safety hazard and could not feasibly be saved or moved.  Demolition is the only reasonable option at this point, and will make the site available for new development of an appropriate scale."

Another neighbor watching the demolition Monday morning said, simply, "Finally!"

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