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Teru Lundsten is a writer and personal historian who lives on Fidalgo Island. Check out her website at TeruLundsten.com.

Laifong Ng: The Light Within


Laifong Ng’s new yoga studio in downtown Anacortes is about the size of the home she and her family shared back in China, the size of a one-car garage. In fact, her studio used to be a one-car garage.  

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It’s time for grown-up Show & Tell!

2014-0509-teruDo you remember when you hauled a treasured possession to elementary school and told your friends why you loved it so much? Now you have the chance to share on a whole different level with Show & Tell for grown-ups.

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John Ireton: A good listener


One of the most remarkable human accomplishments is the population of the inhospitable Arctic. Half Inuit and half white, Anacortes resident John Ireton arrived in our town in 1981, perhaps guided by his inbred survival skills and sensitive ear.    

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Why Join Toastmasters?


Are you terrified of public speaking? Are the words um, er and ah in your vocabulary? You have lots of company in the world.

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The Hat Lady


“I am a colorful character of Anacortes,” declares Mae-Louise Dopps, and many would agree. Her numerous colorful and flamboyant hats support the claim.

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