Deception Pass Current

Jack Hartt is Park Manager of Deception Pass State Park. 

Fog-Induced Yellow Traffic Light

2017 1010 jack hartt

Winter is coming.” That is the motto and subtheme in an exceedingly popular TV show.

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Kiket Development Underway

2017 0909 kiket1

Fortunately, we had capital funding approved last year to make some minimal developments at the Kukutali Preserve. These projects are fully underway right now.

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Park Recycling Being Re-thought - a brick, really?

2017 0804 jack hartt

Recycling: a great idea, and an inherent part of our culture the past couple of decades, right?

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Fire in the Park

2017 0706 park fire1

We have had two wildland fires in the park already. That is two too many. Both were quickly extinguished thanks to the watchful eyes of visitors who were helpful to let us know about them early on while they were small.

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Go Climb a Tree

2017 0609 climb 1

Sit in the canopy of an old-growth fir.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s a natural high.

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